The Porter Memorial Gymnasium

Friday @ 7:00 pm

Join A1A as they visit Porterdale, Georgia for the annual fundraising event for The Porter Memorial Gymnasium.

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The Porter Memorial Gymnasium

This historic venue was designed in 1938 by female pioneer architect Ellamae Ellis League from Macon, Georgia. Having been built in 1939 by the Bibb Manufacturing Textile Mill, the Porter Memorial Gymnasium was a gift to the City for the residents to have a place they could gather and make memories for years to come. Having burned in October 2005, restored and rehabilitated in 2012, this charming, open-aired, historic venue is quickly becoming one of the state’s most sought-after venue to host social gatherings. The restoration of the gym only adds to the beauty and charm of the Village of Porterdale, which is exceptional among North Georgia towns.

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2201 Main St
Porterdale, Georgia 30014 

Porter Memorial Gymnasium