All of us in A1A extend deep and heartfelt Birthday wishes, thanks, appreciation and gratitude to our manager Kathy Mullen today on her Birthday. Her tireless smile, commitment, passion, belief, drive, friendship and love for what she does touches many and keeps us rolling on. Thank you, Kathy, for what you do for each and every one of us. Have a great Birthday!

January 15, 2018

A1A - Rock N' Rails - Griffith, Indiana - 9-2-17

A1A at The Rock N’ Rails Music Festival
Griffith, Indiana
September 2, 2017

Another Labor Day Holiday Weekend is over, and I want to take a minute to thank everyone who came out and saw the band perform. We had three highly successful shows that were all extremely well attended. It was a fitting way to take out the season, although I am feeling a bit beat up today. The band played fantastic every night, and everyone had a great time. I have to say that after 26 years I am amazed at the huge number of people who continue to come to our shows and completely enjoy what we do. After so much time sometimes I forget just how much joy and happiness our performances give to so many people. I had a vast number of concert attendees talk to me this weekend. All of them expressing how long they have loved the band and how much our performances mean to them. It was quite humbling.

I am very thankful and appreciative of everyone who has been part of A1A for so many years, both past, and present. I cannot stress to you how blessed I am to be able to play with the extraordinarily talented and world class musicians that I do. They give so much and push me to rise above my limitations which always make for a better show and sometimes a lot of laughs as well. I probably never thank them enough, but I want every one of them to know that what they have brought to A1A this year means more to me than I can say and that I would not have the incredible band I do without them.
My 2017 A1A Heroes – every one a #1 in my life.

Audio Visual Production and Stage Management – Chad StewartVance Kelly, Ansley Segraves and Mark Josephs

Band Management and Booking – Kathy Mullen and Vance Kelly
Charts and Musical Director – Eric Baumgartner
Background Vocals – Eric and Aretta Baumgartner and Taryn Carmona
Drums – Wayne ViarAdam Goodhue
Steel Pan, Percussion, Madness, and Mayhem – Nico G.
Bass – Rick Meeder
Lead Guitar – Chris BlackwellJody Worrell, and Matt Alexander
Keyboards – Eric Baumgartner and Dustin Cottrell
Saxophone – Vance Kelly
Trumpet – Todd Motter
Trombone – Erik Kofoed
The A1A Pirates – Tommy Morfoot and Joseph Foe Davis

Kathy Mullen – Band management, booking, merchandise management, plate Juggling, road manager, wardrobe, catering, transportation, stage decor and keeper of the flame.
Ashton Pike – Social media, journalistic input, band blog, stage decor and merchandise management
Rabun Hunziker and Jill Watson – Merchandise management and support.

I would also like to extend a massive thank you to Vance and Kelly Kelly for always opening their home up to the band for rehearsals, recording, fellowship and more.
It has been a long and topsy turvy year for me, both personally and professionally; a lot of big ups and downs, not to mention all of the insanity that is enveloping our society and world today. We never know what is going to happen tomorrow or even if we will have it. The best we can do is to make the best of every moment and live as honest and authentic as we can. The rest, as they say, will take care of itself. With that said I continue to feel very blessed in knowing that A1A is still an active force and historic milestone in the Trop Rock Community. Knowing that we bring happiness and smiles to thousands of faces, even if only for a day is a wonderful feeling. I look forward to what the 2018 season brings. Thanks again to everyone who has touched my life and listened to me sing.

Jeff Pike
September 5, 2017

The Parrot Heads Documentary
Released February 2017

Parrot Heads

Jeff Pike and A1A were a huge part of the Parrot Head Phenomenon from the very beginning. Check us out along with a little bit of our early story in the first ever official documentary about Parrot Heads.

One of the most loyal and dedicated fan bases in music history are the fans of Jimmy Buffett, affectionately known as the Parrot Heads . The legendary history of how this amazing sub-culture came to be will now be told in the original 90-minute documentary Parrot Heads.

Directed by Bryce Wagoner, the film chronicles the birth of the movement when a young musician named Scott Nickerson, a big fan of Buffett s music, decided to put an ad in a local paper to corral any Buffett fans in the Atlanta area for a get together. What began as a small group of friends that would hang out on weekends has now grown into a worldwide organization known as Parrot Heads In Paradise, which promotes the message party with a purpose and has raised more than 40 million dollars in charity donations.

Traversing the globe from Key West to Paris, Costa Rica to California, the international phenomenon is greater than ever and has even sparked its own genre of music, Trop Rock (short for Tropical Rock).

Featuring never before seen interviews with Jimmy Buffett himself.

You can pick up your copy today – Just ‘click here’

Also available on Netflix – https://www.netflix.com/